Which iOS devices are compatible with Indoor Location?


With Estimote Indoor Location, we're tightly integrating software and hardware to make it easy to add precise location to any iOS application.

Since the hardware part is as important as the software one, our Indoor Location is currently tuned around iPhones 5 and later.

Indoor Location also supports iPads 3rd generation and later in the Light mode.

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    Elliot Rock

    Does the Indoor SDK work with non estimote beacons?

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    Ula Kierwiak

    Hi Elliot,

    No, it only works with Estimote Beacons.

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    Tharindu Abeyratne

    Is it possible to use virtual beacon option as an ibeacon for the indoor location app??

    currently i am having a 5C and a 4S and 3ibeacons, i am trying to configure the indoor location app, but when it comes to configuring, it says less than 4 beacons were detected

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    Witek Socha

    Hi Tharindu,

    Currently, you need 4 physical beacons. Indoor Location doesn't work with a virtual one.


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    Anjan Kumar

    I am Not getting notification in iphone 6s and 6s plus.Any one give me suggestion..

Estimote is