Do I have to use Estimote SDK? What are the benefits?


It is not mandatory to use Estimote SDK to build apps integrated with Estimote Beacons. Beacons are compatible with iBeacon (Apple) and Eddystone (Google) protocols, so you can use Apple’s Core Location and Google’s Nearby API to create your apps.

Learn more about difference between iBeacon and Eddystone on Estimote Developer Portal.

We strongly encourage using our SDK though: while being compatible with Core Location and Eddystone, it also provides a host of additional features for security and fleet management. You'll find a breakdown in the table below.

Keep in mind that Estimote SDK is required to build apps with Estimote Stickers. Stickers rely on our own Nearable protocol. Estimote SDK is required to develop sticker-compatible apps. Read more about developing apps based on Estimote Stickers.

Estimote SDK is available on GitHub. Visit our Developer Portal to get started.

Estimote SDK features


Feature Core Location (Apple) Nearby API (Google) Estimote SDK (iOS) Estimote SDK (Android)
iBeacon support yes - yes yes
Eddystone support - yes yes yes
Nearables support - - yes yes
iOS 8 suggested apps yes - yes yes
Estimote Cloud support - - yes yes
Integrated fleet management - yes yes yes
Beacon telemetry - yes yes yes
Secure UUID - - yes yes
Sensor data support   - yes yes
Indoor Location - - yes* -


*Indoor Location SDK is separate from the original Estimote SDK.

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