Location based digital freebies - Oblako gives access to apps and media for free


Have you ever wondered how to make your customers’ experience even better? Which part of your service would you improve?  Which one is the most annoying? It’s usually waiting.

There is however an app for that. Oblako is a platform which gives access to premium content like mobile apps, games and press based on your location.

For example, cafe owner can enable his customers to access latest magazines for free on their smartphones. Or a dentist could enable games for kids for free on mobile devices being in range of the beacon located in the waiting room.

Oblako platform is using Estimote Beacons. Founder Nikita Gnedin explains the decision: ‘The reason why we’ve decided to use Estimote beacons are good customer service, software updates, simple API, analytics and fast delivery.’

Oblako originated from Prague, Czech Republic, where it was implemented in several universities, MasterCard HQ and Restaurant Dock House. The founders are now aiming at US market and San Francisco specifically.

‘Our next plans are to introduce Oblako in shuttle, train and boat companies. We’re also looking forward to implement beacons in airplanes. It’s a win-win project both for publishers and venues. Publishers have more readers with no need to increase printing costs. While venues are introducing new level of customer service, which adds to customers’ loyalty.’

Oblako app is available for Android now and iOS version will be available soon.

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