STQRY helps visitors explore further, engage deeper and discover more at the Seattle Art Museum


Culture organizations have incredible stories to tell. STQRY (pronounced “Story”) is an interactive mobile tool that allows those organizations to curate them, to manage them and to share them seamlessly with their visitors and any audience around the world. Now they’re bringing Estimote Beacons to Seattle Art Museum, one of their key partners, to make its story even more compelling.

Visitors to the Seattle Art Museum are receiving more information than the average museum goer thanks to revolutionary user positioning technologies included with their STQRY mobile app. The Seattle Art Museum created expert audio content to enhance their current Pop Departures and City Dwellers exhibitions. The content is available with free download of the STQRY mobile app (available on iPhone, Android, and Windows). Through the use of Estimote Beacons that are placed in each room, visitors receive push notifications alerting them to open the audio content specific to the exhibits they are near. Visitors may wander through the exhibits in their own time and in any order, receiving content relevant to where they are at the moment. Additionally, the Seattle Art Museum is able to receive valuable information about how their visitors are traveling through and engaging with their exhibits and information. The STQRY content management system provides the museum with real-time analytical reports including visitor touch points and dwell times.

STQRY is a shared mobile storytelling platform that is being used by over 400 organizations across the world. STQRY is expanding their use of Estimote Beacons to enhance on-site experiences at a number of locations that are following in the footsteps of Seattle Art Museum, and including expanded indoor mapping and wayfinding experiences.

Want to give STQRY a try? Download their app now!

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