How to achieve the most accurate location measurement with the Indoor Location app?


If you’re having problems with setting up your location using Estimote Indoor Location app, there’s a couple of steps you take to improve the measurement process. We describe them below.

First of all, remember that the app is mostly for testing and prototyping. If you’re setting up a location that’s large or has a complex shape (not rectangular), it’s best to use Indoor Location SDK to create the location manually.


  1. Use an Indoor Location compatible device.
  2. Make sure you're using the latest version of the Estimote app or the Indoor SDK.

Measurement process

  1. Take some time to do it: walk slowly and with distinctive steps, avoid sudden turns and changes of direction, pause for a moment after turning to let the compass adjust and stabilize its reading.
  2. Hold the phone flat (i.e. parallel to the floor) and in front of you when walking between beacons.
  3. Don't reject a map that's not inch-perfect. You can adjust its dimensions by dragging and dropping the corners in Estimote Cloud. For more details, read: Can I edit an existing location?

Getting measurement errors? Map the location manually

If you're not satisfied with the results from the app, you can always set up the location programmatically, with Indoor Location SDK. The EILLocationBuilder class allows you to input X and Y coordinates of location's corners and beacon placement.

Read the documentation to learn how to use the EILLocationBuilder class in Indoor SDK to draw locations.

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    From Google Play i have downloaded the Estimote App and then i have set the range of a beacon 1.5m(Using BroadCasting Power ) and observed that it is throwing notification(to the android device )when i'm away 4 m. from beacon ,
    and also i tried to set 3.5 m. in this case also it is throwing notification 7m.(But it needs to show the notification range which i have set or approximately suppose ..if i set 1.5m then it should be 2.m) .

    This is i'm working estimote for android app.


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    I am especially interested in the shopping center use case. We operate a 7 story mall with wide area and non uniform wall structure. I mean not the case of square or rectangular shaped walls . A close example will be similar to this floor map image and this real-life image:

    Now does this pose any limitations in setting indoor navigation using the beacons? How will placement be in this case since I cannot put only on per each wall, right?


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    Mridul Tiwari

    I was wondering if we can somehow receive wifi beacon signals using the Intel 5300 (or any other receiver) and further use CSI (channel state information) to improve the accuracy ?

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    Mridul Tiwari

    Adding to my previous comment, I heard from a friend that Estimote has wifi beacons available too ( not sure about it as I could not find it anywhere). If so, is there any way to use a third party receiver to receive the signals and further use CSI to get it's location ?

Estimote is