Stick to your diet thanks to beacons and Carrot Hunger


Starting a diet is easy: each one of us did it at least a hundred times! The part that comes after (i.e. every single day on a diet) is much harder. It’s one thing to make a decision to change your eating habits, but avoiding occasional trips to the fridge or accidentally forgetting to mention something in your calorie index is a whole different world. This is where Carrot Hunger comes in: the first context-aware calorie counter.

Carrot Hunger gets smarter, because it uses iBeacon’s proximity capabilities. The setup is straightforward: the app asks you to provide the ID of your beacon and then to put it in the fridge. Every time you come by and open the fridge door, you will be prompted to add the meal to the calorie counter. That’s something that should strengthen your will: no more guilty pleasures… at least unaccounted for.

Of course that’s not everything Carrot Hunger does. The app has a massive food database and a barcode scanner just in case, so that you can always log your calorie intake. You can also use it to keep track of how much extra calories you burn during workout, but be wary of overeating without burning it afterwards. If you do, Carrot - the HAL 9000-like AI living in the app - will make fun of you without mercy!

Want to keep better track of your eating habits and test yourself against Carrot’s ironic remarks? Download Carrot Hunger from iTunes!

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