Dex makes its office smarter with Estimote Beacons


When iBeacon launched and Bluetooth beacons craze began, people suddenly realized this is a fantastic tool to make their home more automated and context-aware. The launch of apps like Roomie Remote and Launch Here followed, to make micro-location for your digital devices possible. But why stop at home, while you can also make your office smart with beacons? People at Dex Consulting asked themselves the exact same question… and ended up developing a mobile tool for their own workplace.

Dex is a mobility solution provider helping small and medium enterprises with mobile strategy, development and analytics solutions. They’re one of the first companies to have jumped on the iBeacon bandwagon and are deploying beacons with many SMBs around the world. But, as the common technology world mantra goes, you need to eat your own dog food. And so they do. Dex has replaced old-fashioned card-punching and time logging for employees with something more 2014. They placed Estimote Beacons around the office and developed a simple Android app. What it does is handling all the attendance tracking in the background, without any need to remember about filling in the logs or accessing the biometric scanners. The office becomes smarter, the friction is reduced and everyone is happy - including the developers!

My first time developing an app using Estimote iBeacon and it was an amazing experience. said Faiz Ansari, Senior Android Developer at Dex Consulting.

Dex is one of the first companies to realize the potential lying behind enhancing the office space with beacon-based intelligence. It’s not the only one though: if you’re interested in that concept, you should follow all the cool stuff that Robin is doing with Estimote Beacons and smart office as well.

Dex app is availale on Google Play.

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