Easing the life of clubbers with Kö-Kollen app and Estimote Beacons


Recently we mentioned XDs’ project utilizing beacons to enhance the local crowd experience and drive customer loyalty at Peckham Refreshment Rooms. We are very excited to see another social experiment initiated by Join the Carnival. Kö-Kollen app integrates Estimote Beacons to encourage party lovers to track and share the queuing time at the most popular clubs in Stockholm.

Heading out for the night and discovering upon arrival that your chosen club has a 30 minute wait is awful. This new app is hoping to leverage on smartphones for a time killer while waiting to get in. An integration of Estimote Beacons and the Kö-Kollen app allows to send contextual information to those waiting in front of the clubs. The audience is asked to share the waiting time info with other users who have not yet decided whether to come to that destination.

Join the Carnival initiated the project to reinvent the boring task of club queuing and find a way to excite waiting attendees. Kö-Kollen became a collaboration between Join the Carnival, a strategic and creative marketing agency based in Stockholm, students from Berghs School of Communication and The Mobile Life.

During the test night the project received a promising feedback:

"Great idea, like the thought of being able to check estimated time before we go clubbing”  

“I hate having to wait outside or not being let in, especially in the winter time, so would definitely check out the real time status both before going somewhere I know is crowded, and also once being there to see if it is worth waiting for…”

The experiment is another example how to utilize the iBeacon technology to successfully solve an everyday problem. The success of Kö-Kollen makes us really excited about next projects built around the outdoor implementations of Estimote Beacons.

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