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The oldest Polish e-market has just started a campaign which allows you to buy things while waiting for the metro. The idea, kept simple, is to create a time saver for shoppers. Keeping their use case a customer value driven experience, high traction was inevitable. hung posters on walls of the metro stations in Warsaw Poland - each poster is brand themed store (offering selected products from specific brands) that is equipped with a beacon. If metro goers have extra time on their hands waiting for the train, they’re able to do some shopping by directly interacting with the posters. Shoppers get a 10% discount for their purchase made with the beacons. For the few commuters whose train comes before managing to finalize the order - taking a picture of the product will allow them to finish the transaction at home. The goods then arrive at your door.

“Every now and then there are new quaint mobile solutions on the market, and we are eager to use them at This time we decided to try out another tech novelty - beacons. As an effect, being the first e-market in Poland to do so, in cooperation with several brands we opened e-stores that use these devices. We expect it to be a way to convince even more people that everyday shopping can be both easy and inexpensive.” - said Jakub Milewski, e-commerce manager at app has been integrated with beacons API and image recognition technology by Witchcraft Studios. It is already available for Android devices and will soon be out on iOS.

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