xdi360 brings more context to the BMW World with Estimote Beacons


BMW is one of the most trusted and respected automobile brands out there. Its technology has been the pinnacle of engineering thought for almost 100 years already, which makes the visit to BMW World, exhibition venue just next to their Munchen HQ, all the more exciting. xdi360 has recently been tasked with bringing the experience to a new level with micro-location context. They decided that Estimote Beacons are the way to go.

More than 3 million people visit BMW World every year, making it one of the most popular attractions in Bavaria, Germany. The complex works as both a showroom for the latest vehicles designed and manufactured by BMW and an exhibition paying tribute to technological breakthroughs achieved by the company. There are just so many stories to be told about this place, and this is where iBeacon comes into play.

xdi360 developed an app for the BMW World which uses geofences based on Estimote Beacons to deliver relevant content and push notifications. Exhibits and areas relevant to the BMW and MINI brands have beacons installed around to provide visitors with additional information. Content can come in the form of videos, pictures and text. On top of that, the BMW World’s audioguide is based on beacons to seamlessly explain the story behind BMW.

iBeacons technology enabled us as xdi360 to provided a seamless and comfortable visitor experience - no more handling with QR codes or old fashioned dedicated hardware for audio guides. The integration into iOS made it easy for us to focus on the visitors and their needs. With iBeacon  we can provide the relevant information at the right time and at the right place. said Dr. Heiko Klarl, CEO from xdi360.

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