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Together with a major Brazilian clothing store chain, four students created a system that helps visually impaired people  navigate indoor spaces. The Locate Me app is based on Estimote Beacons but also uses a web platform to support content management. For now, the creators of Locate Me are validating their proof of concept in one of the stores, but the initial feedback has been great so far.

The app locates users within indoor spaces providing information about the places around such as stores and bathrooms. Alert sounds and vibration patterns navigate a visually impaired person through stores and larger areas. Developers of the app are working on voice command support (allowing for the direct search of specific places) and 3D sound (which will make it possible to paint a picture of the venue in a user’s mind, using sounds to show distance and position).

“We've chosen iBeacon technology because of its ease of use, reliability and low maintenance and energy consumption. We also like to think it's an innovative technology since it's still pretty new and not very known around here.” said Lucas M. Pereira, one of the system creators.

The idea has been created and developed by Acácio Veit Schneider, Douglas Ritter Machado, Lucas M. Pereira and Guilherme Lubian.

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