Bleesk uses beacons to promote local deals and grows exponentially


Just couple of months ago, a team of Polish developers and designers stumbled upon Estimote Beacons. It didn’t take long for them to understand what iBeacon and contextual computing can do for businesses of all sizes. They went to local retailers and restaurants right away to discuss possible applications and found their biggest pain: no ways to attract people with localized content. So they started Bleesk: platform enabling just that with beacons.

Bleesk has started the rollout of its technology by deploying Estimote Beacons in 12 venues in Poland. Those include shopping malls and popular restaurants. In just a few weeks they’ve gathered overwhelmingly positive feedback, which has sparked growing interest in their platform. Currently Bleesk is expanding to more retail locations in Central Europe and launching their first implementations in Belgium and the UK.

The beauty of this solution lies in its simplicity. Users just need to download the Bleesk app to receive the best local offers and deals. Retailers, restaurateurs and other service provider can access the Bleesk Fleet dashboard to update their content in real-time. They also have access to analytics, to be able to improve their loyalty programs with insight about users’ behavior.

Want to try out Bleesk promotions yourself? Download the app from iTunes or Google Play right now!

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