LA Art Show gets interactive with GladFly and Estimote


Los Angeles Art Show is one of the major art fairs in the United States. This year’s edition, starting January 15th, will bring to LA 120 galleries spanning more than 20,000 works of art from 22 countries. And it’s special for one more reason: the GladFly app, which uses Estimote Beacons to enhance the experience with additional context.

From 15th to 18th of January, more than 56,000 people will be visiting the exhibitions held for the LA Art Show. Recently-launched GladFly is there as well, to make sure that these four days will be unforgettable. The app uses iBeacon to provide users with location-specific content. Contextual notifications are launched as visitors approach given works of art, letting them look up additional information that was prepared by exhibition curators exclusively for GladFly. That’s a ton of content crafted by experts, at hand’s reach, exactly when and where you need it.

At GladFly our mission is to build the interactive neighborhood. It starts with personalized discovery of surrounding events and experiences, tailored to each user. We fuse that with iBeacon powered rewards at fabulous venues. GladFly bridges the gap from the digital to the physical world. And we’re honored to partner with an inspiring, world-class event like the LA Art Show. It’s the perfect place to give folks a first taste of what GladFly is all about. said Max Denby, co-founder and CEO at GladFly.

The great thing about GladFly is that its benefits are not limited to the LA Art Show. Once you’re done with galleries and exhibitions, the app can sync with your calendar to keep you up to date with interesting events that match both your taste and schedule. And the experiences are pumped up with iBeacon-powered content too, to make it even more rewarding!

Coming to Los Angeles in the near future? Then don’t hesitate and download GladFly from iTunes right now.

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