GuestDriven creates personalized hotel experience with beacons


It’s a golden age for hotels ready to embrace digital solutions. Tech startups are disrupting hospitality at a crazy pace and GuestDriven is one of them. Their Mobile Guest Engagement Platform helps hoteliers build relationships with guests through smartphones, and the latest update - integration with Estimote Beacons - brings the experience to a new level with more personalization and location context.

The first hotel chain to deploy GuestDriven platform in conjunction with iBeacon is The James: they started with luxury venue in Chicago. Estimote Beacons were placed in the locations where guests either need them the most, like the entrance or reception desk, and around those spots that might spark their biggest interest, including hotel spa, bar, and restaurant. If customers happen to be in one of those places at a specified time, they’ll receive notifications with content suited for where they are at the moment. So for example if you come down to the restaurant in the morning, you will be greeted with the breakfast menu automatically pushed to your smartphone. And if you’re passing by the spa, you’ll be asked if you want to reserve your spot right away.

GuestDriven is not stopping here. Proximity-based notifications were well-received by their partner hotels, so they’re already developing new features for even deeper customer engagement. And, of course, they’re aggressively expanding to more hotels around the US. Keep that in mind next time when you travel and receive a coupon for a drink on the house in the hotel bar.

Partnering with Estimote opens new opportunities for our hotel clients to differentiate their brands and create memorable experiences for their guests, said Anthony Zebrowski-Rubin, CEO of GuestDriven. Whether guests receive a welcome message when they walk through the doors, a special offer to upgrade to a suite upon arrival or a message with in-room food options for guests checking-in past dinner time, Beacons provide a way to market, engage and upsell customers, while driving repeat business. We plan to announce several new hotel deployments in the coming weeks as we aggressively expand Estimote's iBeacon technology into more of our clients' sites throughout North America.

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