iBeacon helps Mdevcon attendees navigate the conference


Every year in March hundreds of mobile developers come to Amsterdam to experience Mdevcon, one of the most in-depth conferences about their trade. No-nonsense, two days of discussing the intricacies of programming for mobile devices. And the additional coolness factor? This year Egeniq, organizers of Mdevcon, deployed Estimote Beacons at the conference.

Each room in which a session was held at the conference has been equipped with two beacons. The app, available for both iOS and Android, detected in which room the user was. Thanks to that, when attendees opened the app, they were automatically directed towards the schedule relevant for their current location. Mdevcon app users liked this simple but useful funcionality a lot, so Egeniq is already planning to deploy beacons at the next event they have in line: Endpointcon.

Estimote Beacons and their easy to use SDK allowed us to make our conference apps smarter and more useful to the user. Combined with the excellent support of the Estimote team, this makes for a very elegant and cost efficient solution for conference apps. We will definitely use it again at Endpointcon, our next conference. said Ivo Jansch, CEO at Egeniq and organizer of Mdevcon.

If you want to see more examples of how iBeacon can be used at events, read more about how Estimote Beacons was utilized at Dreamforce and Digital Trendspot last year.

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