London Startup accelerators are getting beacons


London’s Level39 is one of the biggest technology accelerators in Europe. Rapidly growing startups involved with finance, retail, cyber-security and future city technology are grown from this space. Due to the chaotic nature coworking and incubator spaces, navigating the office to locate colleagues or for first time visitors it can be a problem to track down the right people. This is where Pointr and Estimote Beacons came in handy.

Pointr is an indoor positioning and navigation technology working on multiple platforms. Their SDK also includes support for contextual messaging based on iBeacon, and data analytics component. The goal is to connect the online and offline world, which is exactly what’s happening at Level39. The accelerator has a growing ecosystem, where entrepreneurs and investors join together everyday to meet, grow and start something exciting. Pointr has deployed Estimote Beacons onto the 30,000 square feet of space to help Level39 make sense of the ever-changing scene.

Members and visitors of this shared space can use the Level39 app to find their location on the floor and locate colleagues from their own or other companies. Making their main office space smarter with beacons has worked great for Level39. Already in the works, Pointr plans to launch Beacons in other High Growth Spaces and the Congicity Accelerator offices.

Want to see more smart offices enabled by beacons? Take a look at Robin!

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