What is Infrastructure Sharing? How to share beacons?


Infrastructure Sharing is an easy and secure way to allow third party apps to use your beacon network. Consider an airport with beacons deployed: it could share its infrastructure with apps of airlines. Or a shopping mall could share its beacons with retail outlets and partnering brands. In general, Infrastructure Sharing allows venues to use beacons to create new revenue stream and mobile experiences.

Enabling Secure UUID is required to use Infrastructure SharingThanks to that, you’re sure that no one except you and authorized users will be able to see the IDs of your beacons.  If you don’t know what’s Secure UUID, read: How does Secure UUID work? Without Secure UUID, everyone can read UUID, Major, and Minor of beacons—sharing something that’s publicly available doesn’t make much sense, right?

The app ID needs to be provided to you by the partner you’re working with: only they can access their apps in Estimote Cloud. For more informations on apps, refer to another article in our Knowledge Base:

Why do I need Apps in Estimote Cloud?

What can other people do with beacons I’ve shared with them?

Nothing to worry about! Even after you share your beacons, your partners will only be able to read their IDs (UUID, Major, and Minor values). They won’t see the settings and won’t be able to connect to your beacons or apply any changes.

How do I enable and revoke access?

If you are interested in sharing your beacons, drop us a line at contact@estimote.com and we'll help you set it up! Same if you decide to stop it.

Does Infrastructure Sharing work Estimote Stickers and Eddystone?

Right now it’s only possible to share Estimote Beacons broadcasting iBeacon and with Secure UUID enabled.


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    Ben Smith

    Is there a limit on the number of 3rd party applications that can use my beacons if I choose to share them?

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    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Ben,

    No, you can share your beacon network with as many 3rd parties as you'd like. You can also easily revoke the permissions in the Estimote Cloud dashboard.


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