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We are glad to have you onboard.

Have you used the opportunity to match the iBeacon technology and your project together? Are you proud of the results and ready to share them with the community of over 40,000 devs and variety of tech enthusiasts? If the answer is positive, we have a way to help you out.

We are giving you the chance to get featured in the Get Inspired section of our Community Portal. If you get in, we will also promote it within more than 20 thousand Estimote fans following us on Facebook and Twitter.

All you need to do is to answer the questions below precisely and passionately. As we care for our community, your solution is just half of the deal. The other half is your background and the things you accomplished to bring your ideas to life. We will pick the most exciting projects and spread the word across our channels. Don’t worry about the grammar or wording. We will get that right together.

1. Start with telling us few words about you or your team background and portfolio.

2. Describe what the app/solution is about.

3. What is the role of Estimote Beacons and how do they improve the experience?

4. What kind of tools were used? Do you utilise Estimote SDK?

5. What was the biggest challenge to make your project beacon enabled?

When you are ready, send your story to If you have any questions, join the conversation on Estimote Forums.

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