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Woodland Education, based in Melbourne, is a childcare institution carefully designed to take child education to the next level, thanks to the use of innovative technology. Co-founded by Fay and Mark Woodland, it introduces new learning methods including education programming and collaborative learning. Xplor mobile application integrates Estimote Beacons to help parents become more involved in their child’s education and progress.

Woodland Education deployed iBeacon technology to support their daily operations. Estimote Beacons allow parents for automatic check-ins whenever their children spent time at Woodland campus. In an industry with heavy government reporting, it saves time and makes for a precise calculation of childcare benefits. The technology goes even beyond that, providing possibilities for a richer and more personalized educational experience for both the parents and their children. Xplor is the best way to connect them and share ideas instantly.

Through Xplor, educators can share a moment or idea about children. It can contain text, photos, or videos shared in real time, every day. The application gives parents the ability to stay involved in their children's activities. Instead of clunky ‘e-learning’ websites, daily journals, or whiteboards, Xplor utilizes smartphones and tablets. Each child’s timeline shows the world through their education – moment by moment. Educators and parents can highlight a moment, or amplify a child’s achievement. Xplor also works with a soft sensor mat to sit under a baby’s mattress. The mattress senses heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and position. It communicates with Xplor and tells Mom or Dad if their baby is sleeping soundly.

Parent feedback has exceeded the expectations of the creators. It also encouraged many centers around Australia to ask authors for implementation of Xplor and Estimote Beacons.

If you're interested in more opportunities to use Estimote Beacons and related apps for educational purposes, check out tracking attendance with All Hours.

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