Share your real life moments with ReYou


In the world where offline and online became inseparable, the creators of ReYou make it even easier to share real life stories and pin them to your favorite physical places. The app was designed to engage users in a way which promotes them to share with friends the things, brands and places they enjoy.

Initially, ReYou is launching in a number of horse racing and sporting venues, coffee shops; including The Hospital Club - Covent garden and University College London. It offers several options for interaction for iOS users: customer storytelling, social media integration, interactive maps and real-time rewards for engagement.

“iBeacons provides a solution to use notifications when a user is in close proximity to a place of interest. iBeacons allow us to tell a user there is something to interact with without the need to have the app running or scan a bar-code like other technologies.” says Scott Trowbridge - CEO and lead designer of ReYou.

So far the feedback is very positive. Users understand that they can receive exclusive rewards from a retailer or brand they actually want to visit and interact with. They share their experiences like they always had, but now taking advantage of the new tech makes their feedback and digital conversations seamless.

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