How to tag and search for beacons in Estimote Cloud?


You can tag your beacons in Estimote Cloud to make it easier to manage them. It’s especially useful when you have a lot of beacons under a single account and need to quickly find the right ones. For example, you can use tags to check which floor particular beacons are on, or which of your clients is using them.

Searching for beacons

You can search by tags, IDs, names, setting values, and firmware version in Estimote Cloud dashboard. Results appear instantly.


How to tag beacons?

To tag beacons:

  1. log in to Estimote Cloud at
  2. check beacon you want to tag
  3. click Edit button
  4. add new tags and save the changes


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  • Avatar
    Damien Debin

    How to remove a tag from a Beacon ???

  • Avatar
    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Damien,

    Removing tag is not yet there, but we'll fix that really soon!


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