Liki engaged over 6,000 people at Matka Nordic Travel Fair with beacons


Matka Nordic Travel Fair is a massive event for travel and hospitality industry. It takes place each year in Helsinki and brings in professionals from all over the world. But if you were one of over 1,000 exhibitors at Matka 2015 it would be a challenge to reach people interested in your solution in all this deluge of noise and information. That’s why Nordic Travel Fair teamed up with Liki and deployed beacons to help exhibitors find their audience.

Liki is a Finland-based iBeacon platform with an easy-to-use content management system and a robust analytics component. Matka 2015 integrated the platform with its own app, and allowed exhibitors to install Estimote Beacons in their booths and stands. Everyone who decided to do that was granted access to Liki’s CMS, and along with it an ability to tailor the content for the specific audience they were aiming to reach. And there was a lot of people to reach: in total, more than 6,000 people downloaded the app.

Exhibitors could use Matka’s app to deliver content to fair’s visitors, ranging from additional information about the company, to coupons and deals for products. However the most popular type of content proved to be lotteries (after all, who doesn’t like to bring swag and gifrs from an industry event?). And the users loved them, too! On average, beacon-triggered lotteries had a conversion rate of 47%. The best one peaked at 56%. And on top of that, 78% of all app users registered for a lottery. That’s also an amazing case study on engaging people to check the mobile experience at events: Liki reached out to attendees personally to download the app and take part in lotteries, spreading the word about microlocation features.

Matka 2015 organizers, apart from giving exhibitors a new way to connect with attendees, also found a lot of value for themselves thanks to deploying iBeacon at the events. Liki’s analytics software allows to track which places are most popular, and when they generate the most traffic. It also enables access to anonymized, individual user journeys. Any event manager will admit this kind of insight is pure gold in this business.

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