Brainitch beaconifies International Music Festival Conference


IMFCON is the only conference of its kind in the world focusing primarily on music festivals, which are actually temporary cities if you think about it. Every year IMFCON draws speakers from powerhouses like Live Nation, Glastonbury, Coachella and more, who share their knowledge and discuss the ins and outs of the live entertainment industry. 2014 edition was no different, but it made us super excited for another reason, too. Our friends from Brainitch were there as an official Bluetooth Solutions Provider, working with Estimote Beacons.

Every event organizer knows that preserving life is a top priority and that is Brainitch’s mission. With unexpected tragedies always a main concern, there needs to be a method for a user to alert local resources of a critical situation. This is where Brainitch steps in. With Brainitch’s Incident Response Platform, attendees at a festival, stadium, or even residents in a city can now have a one-click method to contact help. Brainitch’s platform can either be integrated into existing apps, or rolled out with new ones, based on Brainitch’s white-label services.

At IMFCON, Brainitch did much more. They used Estimote Beacons to create a scavenger hunt, incentivizing attendees to go from booth to booth and answer questions popping up in the event’s app. This was the only way they could enter the competition with a handful of awesome prizes: week-long cruise from Miami to Antigua, tickets to Live Nation festivals, and passes to IMFCON 2015 in San Diego.

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