300,000 beacon interactions let BLINQ pick the hottest club in Zurich


BLINQ is a location-based mobile dating application. We have already told you about them back in 2014, when they were only starting their conquest of Swiss nightlife scene with their iBeacon-enabled dating app. Now BLINQ uses beacons to connect users in real-time in bars and nightclubs all over Zurich, and is ready to launch in other cities around Europe. This time they shared with us interesting insight from a campaign launched on Valentine’s day.

BLINQ brings online dating to another level, tying it closely with the offline world. Users no longer need to communicate online, but are instantly connected with a match at their current location. If two users are located at the same club, bar or café they get detected thanks to iBeacon integration and notified that they at the same venue. They call this an InstaMatch. InstaMatch proves to improve the match-to-date rate and bring spontaneity back to online dating.

At the moment there are more than 70 nightclubs, bars and cafés in Zürich, Switzerland equipped with Estimote beacons. Some beacons record more than 100 daily visits from BLINQ users. For the Valentine’s day campaign they analyzed more than 300’000 beacon-based datapoints from all partnering venues. The goal was to evaluate which users visiting which clubs or bars and, based on that, resolve the everlasting debate: which venues bring in the most attractive people.

Through the beacon data BLINQ was able to rank the venues based on a range of parameters. They found out which places have the most attractive men, the most attractive women, the strongest male:female ratio and which venue initiates the most InstaMatches. So if you should ever be in Zürich you will have to go to Gainsbourg for the most attractive women and to Atelier for the most attractive men. The place with most sociable BLINQ users is the Olé Olé Bar, where most “InstaMatches” happen per day. This little contest even brought BLINQ an article in the largest newspaper.

Now BLINQ is going to even work closer with their partners. They recently launched a new promotion: offering users a free beer or a glass of champagne for every friend they invite to the app. Data gathered from beacon interactions helps find out which of the venues a users frequents often. She then gets an offer at her favorite bar or club. The offer can be redeemed anytime by simply showing the smartphone to the bartender.

So if you want to meet attractive girls and guys and get free drinks at the same time come to Zürich, download the BLINQ app and invite your friends. Try it out here.

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