Crown of the Earth invites visitors for an unforgettable journey with beacons


When at Crown of the Earth museum in the Polish mountains of Zawoja you are getting a unique chance to experience the vast mountain region without actually hiking it. The app installed on tablets takes visitors for an expedition around the world, shows them the most fascinating mountain tops and allows guests to take part in group musuem games.

Kamil Jaszczynski and Marian Brulinski from Androbit found beacons so inspiring they prepared this journey for Crown of the Earth Mountain Centre and they already plan to implement their app at other famous Polish landmarks.

“Beacons can be used in many different industries. The possibilities are almost endless and everything depends on the imagination. This solution is simple and therefore consistent with our company's motto ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. And it’s the right technology that fits museums and exhibitions perfectly.” said Kamil Jaszczynski.

An intuitive, enjoyable interface and well-tailored content makes the app suitable for visitors of all ages. Visitors may also plan their own expedition choosing how they want to explore the space. A quiz accompanies the app that can check their knowledge along the way, heightening a more engaged tour of the museum.

If you’d like to check out similar beacon deployments, make sure to visit Rubens House in Antwerp and Canadian Museum of Nature.

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