How to use sensor data from Estimote Stickers? What are Triggers?


Estimote SDK allows apps to interact with stickers in two ways:

Trigger engine is a high-level API that allows you to forget all the technical complexity behind ranging and monitoring and simply say: I want to know when I enter the range of the fridge sticker, and that sticker starts moving, and it's past 10pm". Should all of these conditions come true, your app will know, and can e.g. deduct points from the user for eating late.

In other words: Triggers allows you to enrich your app with logic based on data broadcast by stickers:

  • motion
  • orientation
  • temperature
  • time

Currently Triggers are only available for Estimote Stickers.

Get started

If you want to start using Triggers in your own app, we have a handy guide on our blog.

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    Manu Jose

    Do you added 'support for Estimote Beacons' in the newest version of SDK...?

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    Manu Jose

    Do beacons support TriggerManager

Estimote is