I'm@app bringing improved visitor insight to the Arts sector


Museums, galleries and cultural spaces continuously engage visitors and try to understand them better through the implementation of new technologies. Beacons have been recognized as a great solution to achieve that goal. Still, the key challenge for new technologies is the mutual benefit delivered to both consumers and venues. I’m@app tackles the needs of both.


In order to encourage visitors to return, venues need to understand what consumers engage with, how they interact with spaces and importantly who they are. The beacon enabled I’m@app applications for Android and iOS provide venues with visitors’ contact information, age, demographics and detailed insight on their activity. As well as gathering hugely valuable insight at scale, I’m@app empowers venues to get instant presence on I’m@app through its own content management system working on the top of a beacon network.

The authors of the app have successfully brought multiple venues to I’m@app including Science Museum London, Tate Liverpool and National Museum of Liverpool during the exploratory phase, with a UK wide version available in July 2015.

Purple Seven has been working in the performing arts sector for 12 years, bringing actionable audience insights to venues and organisations through analysing ticket sales and customer feedback surveys. Estimote Beacons will help them to deliver even more accurate output to a growing number of venues in UK.

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