What is a public location? What can I use it for?


You can store locations created with Estimote Indoor Location in the cloud. Using the Estimote Cloud web panel, you can see all your locations and make them publicly accessible.

Private locations can only be accessed by users who created them. If your location is public, however, other people will be able to detect and navigate them using Estimote Indoor Location app and other apps implementing Estimote Indoor Location SDK.

You can track anonymized movement of users in real time in your public location, as well as see nearables detected in that location.

To see what’s happening in your public locations:

  1. log into Estimote Cloud at cloud.estimote.com
  2. go to the Locations tab
  3. choose a location and click Show Indoor Locations
  4. click See what’s there

Making locations public

To make a location public:

  1. log into your Estimote Account at cloud.estimote.com
  2. navigate to the Locations tab
  3. pick the location and click Show Indoor Locations and then See what’s there on the next screen
  4. check Public Location

Detecting public locations

To check if there are any public locations in range, open the Estimote Indoor Location app. They’ll be listed as Nearby public locations. You can also do that with ESTIndoorLocationManager class using Indoor Location SDK.

You can read more about Indoor Location cloud-based features on our blog.

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