Will an iBeacon app work with Estimote Stickers? Is there a separate SDK for them?


If you’ve already built an app with support for iBeacon, you might want to enable interactions with Estimote Stickers, too. It will require updating the app with new classes and methods developed specifically for nearables.

Do I need a separate SDK?

No, Estimote Stickers use the same SDK as our original beacons. Mechanics of interaction between mobile apps and stickers are similar as well. You can perform monitoring and ranging to detect nearables in vicinity and to approximate distance. The key difference, however, is that stickers broadcast much fewer packets with iBeacon ID (UUID, Major, Minor), because they rely on our own Nearable protocol.

We strongly recommend basing interactions on the Nearable protocol. Therefore, you should update your app with monitoring/ranging for sticker IDs.

To find out how to include nearables support in your app:

Keep in mind that support for Estimote Stickers was added to our SDK in version 2.3. If you’ve built an app with an older version, and want to include stickers support, you’ll need to redeploy the application with a more recent SDK. You can find the latest release of Estimote SDK on GitHub.

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