Qpony uses beacons to deliver 30,000 deals and go viral



Every day thousands of people use Qpony app to receive and redeem deals from brands like IKEA, Starbucks, and H&M. It’s the biggest coupon app in Poland, and recently they’ve run their first campaign with iBeacon. Results of the deployment at Factory Poznań, a major clothing retailer, proved fantastic: in just two weeks they’ve distributed almost 30,000 offers!

Fashion brands located at Factory prepared 67 deals that were delivered as coupons through the Qpony app. The promotion lasted for the first two weeks of April: nearly 30,000 offers reached 10,181 users of Qpony who visited Factory during this time. In order to enhance shopping experience they offered special high value coupons distributed through Estimote Beacons. Over 90% of those extra coupons were redeemed. Virality also played an important role: after redeeming coupons, 78% people used the option to share the deal with a friend, by sending them a unique link.

The biggest challenge Qpony encountered, and one that made them wonder how to approach iBeacon for a long time, was making sure users enable Bluetooth. To tackle that, they decided to leverage one of their biggest assets: app distribution. When users of Qpony were in vicinity of Factory Poznan, they would receive a notification prompting them to turn Bluetooth on, with explanation on how this will help unlock more value and get better offers. Clear messaging helped a lot with encouraging users to embrace the location-based features.

Qpony used Estimote Beacons at Factory for the first time, and achieved amazing results. In fact, they’re so satisfied, that they’re already working on expanding iBeacon-based deals to other Polish cities, including Warsaw, Kraków, and Tricity.


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