Krumb - finally a social app that tells you what matters, only where it matters


We all fancy social networks, but we know they consume a great deal of our time. This is where Krumb excels. It’s a social network that connects you with your friends, venues and spaces, only where it matters. Krumb has been rolled out in Belgium and you can already find hundreds of spots using it all over Europe. All thanks to a great mobile app providing location context with Estimote Beacons.


When you open the app, you can discover KRUMBs - pictures and comments related to the surroundings. It could be your friend recommending his favorite dish in a nearby restaurant or a bunch of strangers leaving a memorable photo showing what a great fun they had. You are free to discover, comment and most importantly leave your KRUMBs too. The main rule is that you can only view the KRUMBs at the places where they were dropped. At the moment you can find KRUMBs in most of the European countries. Spots include museums, offices, big retailers and public places too. You can check out the full list at Krumb website.

"Krumb is a great showcase of connecting people with a combination of offline and digital space. I enjoy seeing such a creative ways of leveraging beacons to enhance the app experience and create new possibilities for users." 

Jakub Krzych, CEO Estimote

The Krumb team consist of people behind the beacon-enabled app that enhanced the visitors’ experience at Rubens House Museum in Antwerp. They decided to use Estimote Beacons and Estimote SDK as they truly enjoyed it and found it easy to work with during the previous project. Samuel Joos, lead developer, said that the biggest challenge was to combine GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular network and iBeacon together and come up with a precise and stable app. The installed beacons utilize both Secure UUID and Power modes which add an extra security level and extend their battery life. We are amazed by the use case and look forward to next projects coming from Prophets.


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