Create your own weather station with MyWeatherCenter and Estimote Beacons


Having your own weather station sounds pretty serious, right? Actually, it’s not a big deal: thanks to Flaschengeist Studios, their new MyWeatherCenter app and Estimote Beacons, you can build one in no time!

MyWeatherCenter works with a range of devices equipped with different kinds of sensors. For example if you want to get as much data as possible, TI SensorTag with its humidity and air pressure sensors will come in handy. On the other hand, Estimote Beacons are perfect for placing them outdoors or in humid places thanks to the waterproof enclosures and temperature resistance. MyWeatherCenter allows you to make use of the beacon’s embedded temperature sensor and works perfectly for places like garden, balcony or a glasshouse.

Setting up Estimote Beacons in MyWeatherCenter is easy. You’ll need to sign up for an Estimote Account first and check your App ID and App Token. Then just provide them in the app, and you’re good to go! The whole process shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Integrating the connections from the app to the sensors via Bluetooth was the biggest challenge. Some SDKs of other sensors are not very comfortable or stable. The Estimote SDK team did a great job as it worked like a charm from day one on. said Sascha Uhl, developer of MyWeatherCenter.

Ready to create your own weather station with MyWeatherCenter and Estimote Beacons? Download the app from iTunes right now.

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    Poonam Jadhav

    trying to track motion of beacon but not able to connect with beacon ,getting error 'Authorization fail for this beacon'.
    Please help to resolve issue.

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    Wojtek Borowicz

    Hi Poonam,

    Please remember that you need to provide your API token first. You can retrieve from, it's described right here:


  • Avatar
    Poonam Jadhav

    Yes ,Have App ID and Token and setup with cloud manager under didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method .Able to detect near by beacons by usinfg ESTBeaconManager but when trying to connect with beacon by ESTBeaconConnection with perticular CLBeacon object.facing error to delegate method - (void)beaconConnection:(ESTBeaconConnection *)connection didFailWithError:(NSError *)error

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    Piotr Krawiec

    Can you send me your Estimote Account login and the UUID/major/minor of the beacon you're trying to connect to? piotr [at]

Estimote is