What are nearables? What is Nearable protocol?


There seems to be some confusion over what are nearables and how do they differ from Estimote Stickers. The distinction is very simple, so let’s make it straight!

What are stickers?

Estimote Stickers are a next generation of our beacons. They’re much smaller and pack a battery-powered ARM CPU equipped with accelerometer, temperature sensor, and a Bluetooth Smart radio. While original beacons were designed for venues and static locations, stickers are great for making individual objects smart.

You can read about stickers in Estimote Knowledge Base.

What are nearables?

Nearables are everyday items turned smart objects. Thanks to Estimote Stickers and the cloud, anything can broadcast data about its location, motion, and environment and interact with mobile apps in range.

In other words:

Estimote Sticker + object + cloud = nearable.

What is Nearable protocol?

Nearable protocol is our own Bluetooth data protocol, developed for Estimote Stickers to broadcast more contextual information in a single data packet. Namely, sticker's predefined context and sensor data.

To learn more about developing apps interacting with nearables, visit our Developer Portal.

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