Travel smarter with Duffler iBeacon bag


Travelling is all about journey and adventure that will remain in your memories. Duffler designed a very special bag, because alongside your gear, it helps you store those memories too. Duffler harnesses the power of iBeacon and smartphones to create a digital log of your journeys.

From the outside, Duffler bag seems like a usual high quality travel bag. Its good looks have a ‘rugged’ feeling. It’s durable (the 10-year warranty ain’t no joke!). It’s capacious. But what makes it stand out is the identity. No, really. Every Duffler bag has a unique ID tied to Duffler’s online travel journal. Each bag also has an Estimote Beacon inside, so all you need to do is sign up and download the Duffler app. Then pack up and hit the road: your online log will update automatically with places you visit.

You can always check your Duffler log, add notes and images to your travels, and then share the journeys on social media. Owning the bag is also gamified. In the app you’ll find goals: every time you achieve one, Duffler will send you a badge to stick to your bag. And if that wasn’t enough, Duffler bag makes sure you don’t lose it. Remember: there’s an Estimote Beacon inside, so the app can notify you if you’re out of range.

The app is currently in the works by SPOKE digital agency with the use of Evothings tools. It will be out in August, along with the first 500 bags. And don’t forget to support this project on Indiegogo. First bags are already manufactured, but if Duffler reach their crowdfunding goals, they’ll add a lot of amazing extras.

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