Adored turns to beacons to increase brand loyalty


Tired of storing tons of digital loyalty cards, coupons, and points across a ton of apps and a variety of different systems? A startup from Manchester, NH, is out to help you. Adored is building a unified loyalty experience platform that’s dead simple to use: for both customers and business owners. And it uses Estimote Beacons.

Cafe La Reine from Adored on Vimeo.

The experience couldn’t be any more straightforward. You walk into a bar, a restaurant, or visit Mount Washington, and the Adored app saves the information about your visit thanks to a beacon nearby. Enough visits and you earn an award. It can be a free coffee, a special offer for the meal of the day, or anything the business owner thinks of. The Adored platform then automatically tailors the experience to different users (locals vs tourists, casual customers vs regulars, even expert skiers vs beginners, all based on beacon visit behavior), maximizing engagement and conversion. The simplicity pays off: some of Adored partners report even 20% increase in weekly visits after joining the platform and 5-10% conversion on real-time upsells!

Adored takes an interesting twist on the loyalty systems, with an approach protecting users’ privacy. We all like tailored offers, but there’s a fine line between receiving special deals for products we’re interested in and creepy level of insight businesses may have into our individual habits. Adored addresses it by offering anonymity. You don’t have to share your name, address, or social profiles to use the app. Instead of gathering personal information, Adored saves your phone’s ID to store your visit history.

The key to Adored is the tailored loyalty experience for each user based on their relationship to reach merchant (e.g., casual vs regular, local vs tourist, expert skier vs beginner, etc.) while being fully anonymous, preserving consumer privacy. To deliver this tailoring, Adored uses Estimote Beacons at all Adored locations, including ski resorts, arenas, theaters, restaurants, bars and cafes all across the Northeast. says Cory von Wallenstein, CEO and co-founder of Adored.

The app is quickly gaining traction in the US. There’s already a lots of resorts, restaurants, and coffee shops on board all across the New England, with thousand of users using it. It also caught the eye of investors: recently Adored has raised over $2 million.

Want to start using Adored to get loyalty-based offers? Download the app from iTunes and from Google Play today!

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    Adored has closed down its services.

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