Can I order in bulk? What’s the volume pricing?


Sure thing! You can order beacons in special bulk bags (25 beacons each) through the Estimote Cloud dashboard. Log in (don’t have an account yet? Sign up!), click ‘Add Beacons’ and choose ‘Buy Beacons in Bulk Bags’.

Pricing depends on the exact amount of beacons you’re ordering. The calculator will automatically display the full price and price per beacon adjusted to the volume.

Keep in mind that when ordering in bulk, you’ll need to choose a single color for the whole batch. There are four available colors: Blueberry Pie, Icy Marshmallow, Cocktail Mint, and white.

The self-checkout process allows you to order as much as 500 Proximity beacons at once. If you’re looking to buy even more, or buy Location beacons, or Stickers in bulk, simply contact our Sales team directly.

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