I want to cancel or return an order. How do I do that?


I want to cancel an order

We do not have an automated cancellation system, so please just send us an email. Please remember to include the order number. And a funny GIF, it will make us less sad.

Like this one:

Keep in mind we ship our beacons on a daily basis, often within hours after placing an order. So if you need to make some changes in your order such as modify the address or add/remove products - let us know as soon as possible!

I want to return my order

If you’re not satisfied with Estimote Beacons or Stickers, you can report it to us (please include the order number) in the first 30 days after receiving the order. If you ship the beacons back to us, we will refund you the cost of products.

We pay a lot of attention to quality assurance, but in rare cases a faulty unit might leave the factory. If that happens let us know and we’ll make sure to send a replacement at the highest priority.

We’re committed to making sure you get an amazing experience out of using Estimote products. If that’s not the case, we’d love to know why, so we can get better. When asking for a refund, please specify the reason why you’re not satisfied with Estimote. We’ll do our best to improve.

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