Plages Electroniques festival uses beacons and stickers to improve engagement


What happens when you connect French electronic music with Cannes, the home of some of the world’s greatest festivals? Plages Electroniques: an electronic music festival that should be on every fan’s map. This year’s edition was accompanied by an app using Estimote Beacons and Stickers to deliver location-based information to attendees.

Festival app was developed by Beepeers, a French startup specializing in digital services for event organizers. Their task was to make it easier for attendees trying to find their way around a massive event and to give Plages’ sponsors and partners an opportunity to reach the festival-goers. To achieve that, Beepeers turned to beacons and, blazing trail for live deployments, Estimote Stickers.

The app was a huge success with over 4,000 users. Each day of the event it notified people passing beacons at the festival entrance  about using the cashless pass feature. 25% of users opened the welcome message, which helped avoid long queues at the drink and food stands. Beepeers also used beacons placed across the whole festival grounds to promote services offered by Plages’ partners, from Uber rides to beach afterparty invitations. Stickers were attached at the entrance to each of the festival zones, informing users about line-ups and planned activities.

Panda Events, the organizer of Plages Electroniques loved the contextual features in the app so much, they’re already planning to use Estimote and Beepeers technology in a series of upcoming events this Fall.

To find it our more about how you can use beacons at events, learn about deployments by with City and Colour and Brainitch at the International Music Festival Conference.

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