Wisely uses Estimote Beacons to help restaurants enhance the dining experience


You certainly have your favorite spots to dine out or go for drinks. The staff welcomes you by name the moment you walk in, dishes get dropped at the table on the house, and you leave feeling like you dined among friends. Wouldn’t it be cool if every restaurant delivered this kind of experience? Now they can, and a rapidly growing list already does, thanks to Wisely.

Mike and Tyler, founders of Wisely, learned the benefits of an enhanced hospitality approach after years serving and eating in restaurants that got this right. They created Wisely to aid restaurants in delivering an exceptional guest experience. Restaurants on Wisely create a customized preferred status program centered around experience, education, and access. The program is about deepening relationships with guests, what Wisely believes is the only sustainable way to increase customer lifetime value.

Wisely is not just an app on the end user’s phone. It’s a platform connecting the customer with the staff. Wisely uses the Estimote SDK to detect Estimote Beacons inside restaurants. The moment a customer with Wisely app walks in, a restaurant manager is notified - without the guest doing anything. Staff can see guest’s profile including visit history, any notes they've taken, and feedback the guest has left during previous visits. Equipped with such details, the staff is well-prepared to offer a first-class dining experience.

Without Estimote beacons, the elegance and delight of Wisely would not be achievable. The team knew that removing any requirement of the guest using a phone during the meal was critical. Utilizing beacons became a no-brainer and serves as a backbone to providing the Wisely experience, explains Tyler Felous, Wisely co-founder.

Currently, more than 50 restaurants in six cities across the US use Wisely to deliver an elevated dining experience to their guests. Find out about the new way of dining yourself: download Wisely for iOS or Android. If you’re a restaurateur, here’s how you can get in touch.

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