My VAT ID was not found. What does that mean?


If you’re placing an order as an EU-registered company, have an EU VAT ID, and the shipping address is within the EU, you’re eligible for 0% VAT rate. In human speak, EU companies do not have to pay VAT.

When placing the order, please remember to choose business order option and provide the VAT ID.

How do I know if I have EU-valid VAT ID?

You can check if you have a registered EU VAT ID in the European VIES database.

The format of EU VAT ID is a country prefix (e.g. DE for Germany, GB for Great Britain etc.) followed by your company’s local tax ID number. Remember that the VAT ID should have no spaces or special characters.

For example: PL6762459473

I got a mail saying my VAT ID is invalid, what do I do?

After an order is placed, our system will automatically validate it against the VIES database. If something goes wrong, we’ll send you an email explaining the problem. In the email, just click the ‘Contact Support’ button and an automated message with details will be sent to us. We’ll investigate and get back to you in a single working day.

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