I want to change shipping or billing details. How do I do that?


There is a quick answer to this question, simply send us an email!

  • If it’s a change in the shipping info, please include the updated address.
  • If it’s a change related to billing or credit card number, we’ll send you a secure link to update data on the payment page.

I need to change an address to a different continent. Is that possible?

Orders shipped to the US and Canada are distributed from the US, orders from the rest of the world are shipped from Europe.

It is, unfortunately, not possible to change between the two logistics centers after the order has been placed, so if you need to make such a switch, please contact us first. After we cancel and refund your initial order, please place a new one directly through our website.


Please do not make a new order before we cancel the old one as it can result in shipping both before we're able to react (we're that fast sometimes ;-))

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