Can I edit an existing location?


Yes! Each location created via Estimote Indoor Location app is automatically saved in Estimote Cloud and assigned to your account. You can adjust their layout and settings as you see fit.

Editing locations in the cloud

To edit an existing location:

  1. log into your Estimote Account at
  2. navigate to the Locations tab
  3. pick the location and click Show Indoor Locations and then See what’s there on the next screen
  4. if you want to adjust location’s dimensions, click Edit Floor Plan. Now you can move corners by dragging and dropping them around the screen.

As you make the adjustments, beacons will be relocated in proportion to the changes in location dimensions. You can also manually edit their position by dragging and dropping. The adjustments will only be applied after you confirm them by clicking Save Changes.

In the location’s settings, you can also:

  • make it public (so that any app with our Indoor Location SDK can detect it)
  • read the address and orientation settings
  • manage beacons assigned to this location
  • see how many users are inside.

What if created the location with Indoor Location SDK?

If you want to edit a location created with EILLocationBuilder in the SDK, you can still do it, but first you’ll need to manually upload your location to the cloud. Read the documentation to learn how to do that.

Navigation modes

In the app and SDK you can switch between Normal and Light navigation modes. Indoor Light scales to much larger spaces (best to use it with locations larger than 270 square meters) and has lower battery and CPU usage. It is, however, less responsive than Normal.

To learn more about Indoor Light, read What is Indoor Light?

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