Does Indoor Location support Estimote Stickers? How does searching for nearables work?


You can use Estimote Stickers to track objects with Estimote Indoor Location. After you open the Indoor Location app and enter a location that’s either yours or public (read more about public locations), you’ll see the last known position of every nearable in this location, as long as the nearable is tagged with a sticker that’s also your/public.

The position of a nearable is updated every time anyone with Indoor Location app active passes by the sticker. They’ll update the position even if they cannot see the nerable (e.g. because it’s private).

Searching for nearables

You can also use the search function to find any your/public nearables. To search for nearables:

  1. Open Estimote Indoor Location app
  2. Log into your Estimote Account
  3. Tap the magnifier icon in the top right corner
  4. Type the name of the nearable you’re looking for into the search box
  5. Tap on the nearable when it appears on the list of nearables matching your query

The name of location appears on the list under each nearable. Choose a nearable and it will be displayed and be highlighted on the location map.

Can I include tracking and searching for nearables in my own app?

Right now, these features only work in the Estimote Indoor Location app. 

Can I use stickers for mapping a location?

No, you need Estimote UWB Location Beacons or Location Beacons to set up a location. They have longer range and bigger battery than stickers, which makes them more suitable for this task.

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