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Sometimes it’s good to remember that technology may make our lives safer. And there’re still a lot of situations when we can use it, but we’re not doing that. Whitelotus, a mobile app development agency, decided to create a great solution for parents which helps protect their children, ForgetMeNot app, powered by Estimote Beacons.

The idea is quite simple, and idea behind it was born after hearing stories about children suffering in the heatstroke.

So the idea of this app came to my to my partner Sunil Chavda. A parent has to download the app, purchase and place beacons in a car seat or baby stroller. All you need to do is configure Forget Me Not app and that's it. Parents can set a custom alert message which they would like to receive if the incident of forgetting their child happens. The app also has snooze on/off button through which you can receive local notifications in every one minute - said Kirtan Thaker, co-founder of Whitelotus.


This app works with Estimote beacons only at the moment. The important thing to remember is that at the same time this app is just a facility, it can never be a replacement of parent's personal care of their child.

On the app website there is a section Share My Experience. From that section a user can upload a small video talking about their app experience and how it helped him/her when this app helped them.

Beacon technology may impact the lives of many. Not only in the retail, airport and museum sector, but also in real-life situation, not always comfortable ones. Thanks to the developers in our community it can also save health of our dearest ones.


At the moment the iOS and Android version of the app are live.

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