Volcano theme park implements indoor navigation


Vulcania is an educational amusement park located in the breathtaking scenery of Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park in France. It offers a fun and interactive journey, unraveling the mysteries of the Earth, exploring the power of volcanoes and learning about the forces of nature.

Recently the park teamed up with engineers from Scopika R&D to deliver the visitors even greater and more unique experience. After six months of development and 160 Estimote Beacons deployed on Vulcania's vast grounds, the theme park's brand new iBeacon app is now available in the App Store and Google Play.


Visitors to Vulcania would often lose their way in the complex architecture of the park. The main objective of the project was to help them easily locate multiple attractions and facilities. Estimote Beacons were used as an alternative to GPS signal, to create an indoor navigation system. It works like an interesting mixture of Google Maps and Google Street View adapting in real time to location context.

Vulcania app also greatly improves visitor flow through the park. It rearranges the list of attractions on screen, pushing forward the ones which are the closest to the user's location and have the shortest waiting time. While visitors wait in a queue they receive location and profile based discount coupons and notifications.

Joël Mossand of Scopika explained how the solutions works and commented on visitors' feedback:

“The users know where they are on a map, they can select a location and say “I want to go here”. A GPS-like view, which works with 350 real pictures will guide them to the selected attraction. Pictures change in real time, as a new location (POI) is reached. After some patches, visitors have good feedback. The GPS and waiting time are really helpful, Vulcania is a really complex park, with a chaotic and extensive architecture. The app really meets a need!”


Read about Tulpenland to learn more about beacon based solution in theme parks.

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