Zikit lets you buy for less, but you can’t leave the shop


We are all familiar with coupons going to waste, because they expire before we manage to make use of them. It was a decisive factor for founders at Zikit, who realised that consumers need a stronger push. Zikit helps retailers to leverage microlocation in distribution of limited offers.

Each time you walk into a store, Zikit app sends you a personal and exclusive coupon that will expire at the very moment you walk outside the door. Zikit calls it “Now or Never Shopping Experience”. The platform also provides analytics to help retailers get insights about their customers. By understanding the customer’s shopping behavior, retailers can seize opportunities and optimize sales.

At the moment, Zikit application is being used by more than 20 well-known retailers and brands in Israel. The received feedback typically points out how Zikit platform resolves the problem of showrooming. Location aware connection with consumers is the optimal way to deliver personalized offers. Zikit has been founded by people behind iBeacon Israel developers community and Hubanana, one of the best startup hubs in Israel.

Since the technology is still new, we are aware of the accuracy challenges and we found it as the biggest one for us so far. Although, we are happy to see the improvements that has been made by Estimote every few months.” - Idan Meir, CEO of Zikit.

Zikit founders’ interest in iBeacon does not stop here. They are already working on a second project called RightHear app. It is an accessibility solution for blind and disabled that enable them to acquire a better orientation through location context.

Zikit app is currently available for Android. If you happen to live in Israel, download it from Google Play.


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