Fairytics helps event organizers figure out attendees’ behavior with Estimote Beacons


Today’s event managers know who bought tickets, where they came from, and whether they checked in at the venue. But after the event kicks off, it’s terra incognita. You don’t have data on what attendees are doing on-site. Fairytics solves this with an SDK that allows you to track interactions with beacons. Setup? A single line of code.

Fairytics accomplished their test flight at BDX.io, a French software conference held in October. Over 500 developers attended BDX.io and 61 downloaded the event app: just enough to get a meaningful sample. The app provided attendees with information about the event. Organizers also integrated it with Fairytics to gather information about which sessions were most popular, where in the venue people spent the most time, and how long did they stay at BDX.io. The data will help understand which subjects to explore in the future and how to arrange the schedule to satisfy everyone.

All this was accomplished with just six beacons placed around the conference. 61 app users interacted with them more than 6,000 times. An average BDX.io attendee spent 3 hours 17 minutes listening to speakers at the event and, unsurprisingly, the most popular session was the opening keynote in an amphitheater. It was not, however, where people dwelled for the longest time. That would be lecture hall ‘A’.

This kind of data is a chest of wonders, especially in larger conferences or festivals with multiple events to attend at the same time.

Fairytics SDK excels in elegance. It wraps around Estimote SDK and several other tools. Despite the internal complexity, it’s dead simple on the outside. A single line of code is all it takes to integrate it with your app. Apart from gathering data from beacons, Fairytics can also act as a CMS. You can set up logic based on user’s behavior (location, dwell time, movement pattern) to push content and notifications.

ARCA Computing, the company behind Fairytics, and their clients are so happy with their first beacon deployment they’re already thinking about next steps. This time around it will be hundreds of beacons instead of just a handful.

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