With support for iBeacon, MobiLinc is the ultimate mission control for your smart home


MobiLinc started seven years ago as a hobby project. Today it’s a well-known tool for home automation enthusiasts to control just about every smart appliance from the comfort of an iPhone or Apple Watch. With the latest release, it introduces contextual actions based on Estimote Beacons. Smart home is now smart not only by name.

An app that gives you remote control over your lightning system, garage door, thermostat, and other devices is cool. An app smart enough to control these appliances based on your location is magical. This is exactly what the new Advanced Locations feature does. You can design scenarios like unlock the door as I approach the door or turn of the lights after I leave the kitchen and leave the rest to MobiLinc. And if you don’t want for everything to happen automatically, you can still rely on good, old notifications. They’re actionable, so you can adjust temperature on the thermostat or close the garage door with a single tap on the iPhone or Apple Watch. And the new Near me view displays connected devices in vicinity to make controlling them easier and faster.

Going back to 2008 I always wanted a way for the MobiLinc user to open our MobiLinc apps and immediately see the lights and other devices around them for quick control. With Apple’s creation of iBeacon and Estimote Beacons, my vision from seven years ago was finally brought to life. Our MobiLinc users can use Estimote Beacons in their home or business to give location context to MobiLinc. says Wes Filleman, the developer behind MobiLinc.

Interested in making your home smart? Like in, sci-fi smart? You can buy MobiLinc on iTunes. Welcome to the future!

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