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Estimote Cloud’s dashboard allows you to manage your beacons and associated projects. You need an Estimote Account to use it. Sign up in just a few clicks.

The dashboard consists of the following sections:

  • Beacons
  • Nearables
  • Apps
  • Locations
  • Profile


This is the default view. Information about all of your beacons is stored here. You can change their settings, transfer ownership to other users, share beacons with third-party apps and buy more beacons in devkits or in bulk.


Beacon settings

In Estimote Cloud you can:

If you want to adjust settings for a single beacon, click Settings on the right to the beacon’s name. If you have a long list of beacons, you can use the search bar at the top of the screen to search by names, tags, or ID.

If you want to adjust settings for multiple beacons, select the beacons you want to edit and then click the Edit button at the top.

Remember that after you save new settings in Estimote Cloud, you still need to relay them to the beacons. You can do that either with Estimote app or with your own app via Fleet Management API. For more details read:

Transferring ownership

Every beacon is assigned to an Estimote Account. Only the owner of this account can edit beacon’s settings. If you want to reassign your beacons to another user, select the beacons you want to migrate and click Transfer at the top. Then provide the email address of the new owner. Remember that the address must be associated with another Estimote Account.

A beacon cannot be assigned to multiple accounts at the same time. You can request a transfer using Estimote app. To learn more, read:

How to transfer beacons and manage ownership settings?

Sharing beacons

Beacons can be used by multiple apps to trigger different actions. Infrastructure Sharing is an easy and secure method to share your beacon network with others. Beforehand, you need to enable Secure UUID on your beacons and ask your partners for their App IDs. Then you just need to select beacons you want to share and click Share at the top. Now you should provide the App ID of the app you’re sharing with.

For details, read:

With Infrastructure Sharing you’re only sharing the IDs of beacons: no third parties will be able to change any settings. You can easily revoke access to IDs in the Apps tab.

Read more in:

What is Infrastructure Sharing? How to share beacons?


In the Nearables tab, you can find information about your Estimote Stickers. At the moment you cannot change stickers’ settings in the cloud, but you can reassign ownership to someone else.


If you want to edit settings on stickers, you can do that through the iOS SDK. For details, read:

How can I adjust stickers’ settings?

Transferring ownership

It works just like with beacons. If you want to reassign your stickers to another user, select the stickers you want to migrate and click Transfer at the top. Then provide the email address of the new owner. Remember that the address must be associated with another Estimote Account.


The Apps tab is where your projects (apps) with Estimote SDK are stored. Here you can find App ID and App Token for your apps, generate new API credentials or use the app generator to download templates with the SDK and basic features already integrated.

App ID and App token

The ID and token are your app’s credentials for the Estimote API. Think of them as the app’s login and password to Estimote Cloud. Each app on the list has its ID and token listed under the app’s name.

You’ll need the API credentials if your app connects to beacons, uses Secure UUID, Analytics, Infrastructure Sharing, or the Cloud API. For more information, read:

What are App ID and App Token and what do I need them for?

New App ID and App Token are generated for each app. Simply click Add New App in the top right and choose the template. If you only want API credentials and not the whole template, choose Your Own App.

Templates and app generator

Estimote Cloud allows you to download app templates for faster prototyping. Templates are projects with Estimote SDK already integrated, API credentials provided, and basic features added. They work on iOS (Objective-C and Swift) and Android (Java). Keep in mind that all templates work only with Estimote Monitoring.

To download a template click Add New App in the top right, choose the template and follow instructions.

Templates available right now:

  • Lock screen icon
  • Notification
  • Proximity Content for a Single Beacon
  • Proximity Content for Multiple Beacons
  • Blank
  • Your Own App

Follow the link below to learn more about app in Estimote Cloud:

Why do I need apps in Estimote Cloud? How to use the app generator?


In the Locations tab you you can see and edit locations saved with Estimote Indoor Location. They’re listed under physical addresses. Additionally, if you’ve tagged beacons with GPS data, they’ll also be listed under specific addresses. Thanks to that, you can clearly see where your beacons are deployed.

Beacons and Indoor Locations can be saved under the same address.

Indoor locations

When setting up a location with Indoor Location app or SDK you can save it in Estimote Cloud. Each location is assigned to a specific address. Just click Show Indoor Locations to see all your locations under a specific address. There you can see and edit their settings.

In the location’s settings, you can:

  • edit its shape and dimensions
  • make it public (so that any app with our Indoor Location SDK can detect it)
  • read the address and orientation settings
  • manage beacons assigned to this location
  • see how many users are inside.

If you want to edit the location, you need to go into its settings and click Edit Floor Plan. You can move corners by dragging and dropping them around the screen. The adjustments will only be applied after you confirm them by clicking Save Changes.

To learn more, read:

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