Construction sites are safe and sound with beacon-powered Buildstream


iBeacon has many faces. It’s not just a tool for retail and hospitality: it can even come in handy in heavy industry. JBKnowledge uses Estimote Beacons as part of their Buildstream software. With Buildstream, construction companies keep track of what’s happening on construction sites and make sure everything is progressing according to plan.

JBKnowledge maps construction sites with variety of sensors that give managers unprecedented, real-time insight into the conditions on-site. Nodes, beacons, and sensors gather data that’s accessible on web and mobile. Buildstream integrates Estimote Beacons to track movements of construction workers. And when workers take photos with their phones, the pictures are automatically tagged with the location of the closest beacon to report progress or show arising problems.

We use the Estimote SDK in our mobile app to locate and recognize beacons on a job site. The SDK made it easy as pie to integrate iBeacon into our project, laying the foundation for the highly dependable location that makes Buildstream a powerful tool for job site tracking. said Graham Leslie, Research & Development Team Lead at JBKnowledge.

JBKnowledge has already deployed Buildstream with Estimote Beacons across several construction sites in Texas. The most recent deployment is in a high-profile building renovation in downtown Dallas, where worker tracking and photo tagging are critical for monitoring progress and efficiency.

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